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As part of my blogging and Pinterest journey I came across Melyssa Griffin, formerly the Nectar Collective.  I am really impressed with what Melyssa has achieved as an internet entrepreneur.  This is why I'm interested in her Triple Your Traffic Challenge.

On Melyssa’s website, www.melyssagriffin.com, her Unique Selling Proposition (USP) is ‘Grow Your Audience and Monetize Your Passion’. There’s an opt-in box under a paragraph saying “Join over 75,000 others and get access to my library of free resources for online entrepreneurs.”

I didn’t hesitate, I subscribed there and then. I haven’t been able to access the library of free resources as yet, this is something I need to sort out.

This challenge is designed for entrepreneurs, bloggers and business owners.  However, if you only use Pinterest for personal reasons, you will still find a few interesting snippets to get a better understanding of what Pinterest is all about and find out more about my journey. 

Please note there are affiliate links in this post.  Let's find out more about the Free e-course.

FREE e-course

What I did manage to get though, was her free e-course ‘Triple Your Traffic Challenge’, which is a precursor to Melyssa’s Pinfinite Growth Course. The Pinfinite Growth course costs $397 for 8 modules, membership of a private Facebook group and a course workbook. 

If you're a blogger or have a business and you would like to find out more about Melyssa's Pinfinite Course, please click here

After subscribing to her blog and accessing the FREE Triple Your Pinterest Traffic Challenge course, I received an introductory email from Melyssa outlining how the challenge works.  For seven consecutive days I would receive an email, detailing a new traffic-growth strategy for Pinterest.

The first 30-second piece of homework assignment was to write down my number of page views from the past seven days. Unfortunately, I only went live on Friday last week, so the success analysis will be a little skewed. It’s still going to be worth a shot, it’ll be interesting to see what the strategy involves.

Day one

Day ONE of the Triple Your Traffic Challenge. In this email Melyssa guarantees that if I stick with her and implement EVERY lesson, my traffic will be in great shape one week from now.

It’s going to cost me about 30 minutes per day. And I stand to gain ‘Just a mighty increase in my traffic, more eyes on my content, and the necessary foundation for a crazy successful blog or business.

I'm sure what Melyssa is telling the world is kosher, she’s very successful at Pinterest and makes shed loads of money. And people love her. 75,000 subscribers to her blog is no mean feat.

A few myths

Pinterest is just for recipes and DIY projects

Absolutely not. It may seem that way, however from Melyssa’s own personal experience and her 1,500+ Pinfinite Growth students, Pinterest is a GOLD MINE. 

Pinterest is a social media platform

No it’s not. It’s a search engine. Just like Google. And it needs to be used like one, utilising search engine optimisation, which I’ll learn more about as I work through this e-course.

Pinterest might help other people get more traffic, but it won’t help me

It doesn’t matter which niche I’m in, all that matters are the strategies I use to triple my traffic in one month. And I’ll learn the best of what WORKS as I move through Melyssa’s daily guidance.

Homework for Day 1



I’m told that converting to a business account will give me a host of new possibilities, such as access to insightful statistics, ability to enable Rich Pins and the option to run Pinterest Ads. Now we’re talking. I’m not sure if Pinterest Ads are available in the UK yet. I’m about to find out.

So. Let’s do this. Melyssa has a link in her email to convert.

Pinterest Convert to Business Account screen shot

Photo Credit: Screen Shot Pinterest.com

Now this is no different to the advice other Pinterest experts offer. I know I need to convert to a business account, but wanted to wait until I could share this experience with you.

Decision. Do I create a new Pinterest account as a business account OR convert my existing account? I’m going to convert my existing account as currently I have 10,500 followers, 90 Boards and 75,000 Pins on this account so I think it’s worthwhile staying with this to see how it goes.

This is a personal account and I’m averaging between 30-50 new followers per day, with over 300 notifications of ‘Comments’ ‘Likes’ and ‘Saves’.  When this is all up and running I'll be able to see the analytics now it's a Business Account.

Even if you don't use Pinterest for a blog or business, you use it just for personal reasons, you could still have a Business Account so that you can see which Pins people like etc. if you'd find that of interest.

Converted to Pinterest Business Account

Photo Credit: Screen Shot Pinterest.com

Quite simple to convert, I added the name of my blog and website address and then the next screen was Welcome to your Pinterest Account.

Confirm your Website

I’ve clicked on the ‘Confirm your Website’ button and it asks you to ‘Copy and paste this tag to the <head> section of your website’s index.html file.’

<meta name="p:domain_verify" content="xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"/>

Or download a file and upload it to my site. How do I do that? No guidance in Melyssa’s email for this. I got a ‘Looking good! You are ready to return to the verification page and complete the process’ and when I clicked on the ‘Finish’ button, I got ‘Oops, we’re still working on confirming your site. Please sit tight. Sometimes it takes up to an hour.’

Pinterest Confirm your website screen shot

Photo Credit: Screen Shot Pinterest.com

However, I haven’t done anything with the tag or download at this stage. What should I do?

Let’s go to Google and see what I can find out. I found a blog ‘How to verify your Pinterest account’, dated March 2013. 'A Royal Daughter'. 

I found this one to be quite useful and even though it was posted back in March 2013, it more-or-less was accurate.

These are the steps I followed:

How to Verify Your Pinterest Account – WordPress

  1. Follow the steps above under 'Confirm your Website, above, and choose the download the file and upload it to your site option.  I found the download on my laptop under downloads
  2. Log in to your hosting site.  Mine is Bluehost
  3. On the cpanel select File Manager, on the right hand side of the screen
  4. Click public_html on the left and then click Upload on the bar at the top on the left
  5. Browse for the file to be uploaded and load the Pinterest file that you downloaded as part of their process
  6. Go back to your verification screen and press finish

Voila – that should work. And it did.  I used my laptop to work through these instructions so it may differ slightly for other devices.

Just hope I’ve completed this task correctly as I’ve done some minor but very important editing to my WordPress coding! So Amanda, A Royal Daughter, tells me. Shame, doesn’t look like she’s published a post since May 2015.

Next Melyssa said that I could click ‘Analytics’ which will give me a host of useful information such as:

  1. Top Pins and Boards
  2. How many people view my profile on a weekly basis?
  3. Where my audience is from and what they're interested in

I agree that this information is invaluable and I’ll learn what to Pin, what kind of content to create and how to grow my Pinterest. Files haven't loaded as yet though.

Tomorrow, it’s all about how to attract the RIGHT people to my Pinterest profile, and how to get them over to my website.

Melyssa has a great Facebook group, which really is very supportive, Blog and Biz BFFs.

Please let me know in the Comment Box below whether or not you find this kind of post interesting and useful.


I'm Heather Love and I'm the one researching and writing the posts on this blog. My ambition is to provide you with useful, straight-forward insights on how to benefit from using Pinterest on a personal basis or as a route to drive traffic to your website, so that you can sell more products and services online.

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