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Trends on Pinterest

Trends on Pinterest. Halloween is trending right now, I’m not into Halloween, however it’ll all be over soon enough. Then it’s Bonfire Night and dare I say it, Christmas! I can't believe people will soon be panicking over Christmas Day! The year has flown by.

My blog is different today.  I was thinking about Autumn and trends on Pinterest and I discovered two new pinners to follow during my research.

I saw a blog on Pinterest back in September, written by Christine Cassis, Editorial Curation Manager, Pinterest. It was about a few trends that she thought were about to blow up on Pinterest this year now that there’s a change in seasons. These trends are about to blow up on Pinterest.

So I found the blog to take another look.

Two that got my interest, out of a list of four trends Christine mentioned, were food and drink focused. Being a passionate foodie I always steer towards food and drink.

And no, they’re not Pumpkin based!

Turmeric latte

Christine started her blog announcing that Fall, or Autumn, in the UK is officially here and to pass her a very large TURMERIC LATTE. Yummy!

Trends on Pinterest - Turmeric Latte

Photo Credit: Jennifer Farley,

When I clicked on the link it took me to the Pin which had the recipe in the Description. This is a perfect Pin. The image is attractive. Jennifer Farley takes all her own photography, the description is detailed and the links either take you to her Pinterest Profile or website, This is the way to do it.

As it’s such a well created Pin, Pinterest has picked it to go in its Flavor Report and has included it in their blog, which gives it so many opportunities to be seen. Fantastic promotion for Jennifer. The Pin has been ‘Saved’ 11,000 times!

Jennifer’s Profile Biography tells you exactly what she does:

“I'm the creator, recipe developer and photographer of Savory Simple, a blog dedicated to everyday gourmet recipes for the home cook.”

Once you look at her Boards, which all have inspiring and pretty Pins, you’ll be following her too. Currently she has 96,000 followers. Her Profile photograph is friendly and I liked her Boards that much that I clicked over to her website straight away and subscribed.

I can’t wait to try out her Turmeric Latte, Turmeric is so nutritious and good for you.

Bacon obsessed

The other trend that Christine mentioned was that we’re still bacon obsessed. And I must agree, as a nation, we are bacon obsessed. We love bacon, it’s not that good for you in excess, however bacon occasionally is delicious.

It is so versatile and can be used in so many different guises and meals.

From bacon wrapped recipes to bacon in sandwiches, stews and casseroles. It’s not just for breakfast these days it’s more of a gourmet delight. Used in tarts and pasta and as canapes, there are so many ways people utilise it in dishes. The smell is irresistible and most of all the taste pure bliss.

On the other hand, others do find it too strong, salty and greasy and naturally, it’s a definite no for vegetarians, vegans and people who follow certain religions.

Christine pointed out “It is universally acknowledged that the easiest way to improve a meal is to put bacon on or in it."

Bacon wrapped guacamole stuffed chicken

There are so may bacon recipes on Pinterest and as a result we and 600,000+ Pinners Pin these regularly. One of the Pins she shared, that caught my heart’s desire and lit up my taste buds was BACON WRAPPED GUACAMOLE STUFFED CHICKEN. Some of my favorite ingredients.

Trends on Pinterest - Bacon wrapped guacamole stuffed chicken

Photo Credit: Kevin (Closet Cooking)

This Pin was originally Pinned by Kevin (Closet Cooking).

Again, there's a detailed description with links to Kevin’s Pinterest Profile and website Closet Cooking.

His Profile Biography is brief but covers what he does and with 500,000 followers, he can’t be doing much wrong.

This Pin has been ‘Saved’ over 200,000 times. Amazing!

"Food Blogger, Recipe Developer, Photographer."

Kevin’s Boards aren’t as attractive as Jennifer’s however they are practical and have a common look and feel. The same goes for his website, there’s a lot on there and it comes across quite cluttered.

However, there’s loads of recipes on Kevin’s blog, which I’m sure will all be published on his Pinterest account. Personally, I prefer to flick through Pins on his Pinterest Boards.

In conclusion, if you like food and like to eat the same as me, these two are well worth a follow.

Hopefully you will have found this of interest, let me know what you think.  Would you like more blogs that are of general interest? Use the link to Ask Heather.

Due to reading lots of guidance, I’m changing my blogging days to Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, if I can keep up. Still firefighting currently.


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