Discover how to save internet links on Pinterest, to look at later

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Quite often I’m sent website links and view web pages on my iPhone or iPad.  Consequently, I don’t have the time or I’m in the wrong place to read them straight away. I needed to find out how to save internet links on Pinterest.

There isn’t always a Pinterest ‘Follow Me’ icon to take me to their Pinterest page or I just want to quickly save the page without having to follow that Pinterest account.

After some research, I’ve just discovered how to quickly save internet links on Pinterest, directly to whichever device I’m using at the time.

Did you know about this?

This is a great tip.

As Connor Montgomery, Software Engineer, Pinterest says, “Not only is Pinterest the very best way to discover creative ideas, it’s also your save button for the internet.”

It’s easy. All you have to do to save is to select the Pinterest Button on your device and save the image with the link to whichever board you want. Just follow the process.

I’ve put the ones I’ve saved on one of my secret boards until I get chance to look at them in more detail to see where I want to ‘Save’ them.

"If you're using an iPhone on iOS 8 or above, you can save from around the web with just a few taps. If you're on iOS 7 or below, you'll need to save Pinterest's bookmark."

To place the Pinterest Button on your iPhone or iPad follow the steps below:


  1. When you’re viewing the page of the link you want to save to Pinterest select the share link in the top right hand corner of the screen
  2. Select the more button, the three-dot icon. You may have to scroll sideways to the left if you don’t see it straight away.
  3. From the Activities menu choose the Pinterest Button section and tap on the switch on the right-hand side to make it green.
Discover how to save internet links on Pinterest, to look at later
Discover how to save internet links on Pinterest, to look at later

That’s it, that’s all you need to do. In the future, you’ll see the Pinterest Button and can select this as soon as you click on the share icon in the top right hand corner. Then you can ‘Save’ it to your Pinterest Board.


The process is more-or-less the same on the iPhone, the only difference is the ‘Share’ icon is at the bottom of the screen.

Discover how to save internet links on Pinterest, to look at later

Naturally you could bookmark or save the link to favourites. However, if you’re like me I’ve got hundreds bookmarked or saved to favourites already and there are just too many.

This is a great alternative method to save these links somewhere safe and where you can access them quickly for future reference.

Android device

The Help Centre advises Android users that they “don't even need to install the browser button! You can save from around the web with just a few taps.”

  1. Download the Pinterest App from the Google Play Store
  2. In your browser, click the three-dot icon next to the address bar
  3. Click Share
  4. Click Add a Pin

Desk or Laptop

Finally there’s also a ‘Save’ Pinterest Browser Button you can download onto your Desk or Laptop. This enables you to save links off the internet in a couple of clicks.

Add the Pinterest browser button

All you need to do is go to to add the Pinterest browser button to the browser you use.

You will find installation instructions for:

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Internet Explorer
  • Safari
  • Microsoft Edge

Trouble with the Pinterest browser button

In conclusion, if you run into a problem with the Pinterest browser button, try the troubleshooting steps. Make sure you’re using one of their recommended browsers—Chrome, Firefox or Safari.

Hopefully you'll find this as useful as I did.

Please get in touch if you have any questions or would like advice on anything Pinteresting!  Just pop along to 'Ask Heather'​


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