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How to rearrange, move, copy, or delete Pinterest Pins

I’ve had a question and an observation from one on my subscribers:


“Although I created an account years ago, I do not use it.

“Am I right in thinking that some people use it as a search engine portal into the net? As a way of finding things and cataloguing them so they can find them again later? Is that what it's all about?


Great question, and yes, people do use Pinterest as a portal into the net and they find and save things that interest them on Boards to explore in more detail later. Pinterest, like Google, is a search engine, a very powerful search tool.  You could class it as a lifestyle searching tool for millions of users.

Google runs on words and Pinterest runs on images. Pinterest uses headlines and descriptions in search results to enable you to find what you’re looking for through their search engine.


“Sometimes it’s difficult staying in it. I clicked an image and then explored for quite a while until I realised I had been in flickr since that first click.”

Yes, you do have to go back to the Pinterest platform once you have viewed the content of the image you have clicked on. There’s usually a little cross in the top left hand corner that you click on, which will take you back to the image and then an arrow < which you click on to take you back to the Pinterest feed.

Appreciate the interaction. Thank you. 

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