New look ‘Showcase’ opportunity for Pinterest Business Profiles

New look ‘Showcase’ opportunity for Pinterest Business Profiles

There’s been some updates to Business Profiles. Have any of you seen the new ‘Showcase’ Pinterest Business Profiles yet? I’ve got the new look on my laptop account. It’s not appeared on my iPad or iPhone yet though.

If you don’t have a Business Account, you won’t see this on your Personal Profile, it’s only for Business Accounts. However, you may see this new look on other Pinner’s Profiles so read on.

New look

This new look for Pinterest Business Profiles gives Pinners the opportunity to ‘Showcase’ products and ideas at the top of their Profile Page, above their Boards. It’s the first thing you’ll see when you visit them.

Showcase what you want people to see

The ‘Showcase’ rotates Boards. Pinners can populate the ‘Showcase with 5 different Boards that will automatically alternate. “Buyable Pins can also be featured in their very own ‘shop’ slot, which will be the first to appear in the line-up.” Said Saqib Shah, Digital Trends.

Businesses can handpick what they want their customers to see as soon as they access their Profile, ‘Showcasing’ their best products they have to offer. It’s all about how businesses want to introduce themselves and shape their story said Pinterest Product Manager, Adam Barton.

New look ‘Showcase’ opportunity for Pinterest Business Profiles

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These can be changed as often as businesses like, it’s especially useful for seasonal products that will be on sale. New launches, new products, products that are trending, products on promotion, so great news for Businesses.

Consistent look and feel

Pinterest has also been working on making everything consistent across the web and their apps. In time the look and feel will be consistent on the desktop version of Pinterest’s site and the iPad and iPhone apps. Everything from Boards, Profiles, ‘Showcases’ to cover images will look the same across all devices.

I must admit, it does frustrate me that they’re all different, so this is a great improvement.

Creative ‘Showcases’

New look ‘Showcase’ opportunity for Pinterest Business Profiles

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Take a look at Burberry, Swanson Broth, Corey Egan Jewellery and Lowe’s as fine examples of creative ‘Showcases’.

I'll give you an update and there's more news to share too, I'll cover that off in my next post.

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