Why your business or blog should have a Pinterest business account

Why your business or blog should have a Pinterest business account

If you have a blog or business and want to drive traffic to your website, and you don’t have a Pinterest business account, what are you waiting for?

Does Pinterest matter?

Of course, it matters. If you need to drive high-volume traffic to your website to increase sales and generate leads, then it is a no brainer.  Also if you want to encourage views for affiliate marketing and advertising revenue purposes, you really should consider setting up a Pinterest business account.

“Using Pinterest is the perfect way to get your blog, product or service discovered by millions of people looking for things to plan, buy and do.” blog.hootsuite. Hayne Photographers have over 5K followers.

Why your business or blog should have a Pinterest business account

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“Pinterest buyers spend more money, more often and on more items than on any other of the top five social media sites.” An introduction to Pinterest for Business, HubSpot

It’s not that easy for consumers to buy directly off Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, this isn’t why they were created. They are social networks, where Pinterest is a virtual pinboard and search engine.

150 million monthly users

With 150 million monthly users, up 50% from last year, Pinterest means big business for brands, products, and services.

Pinterest contains over 100 billion ideas and increasingly people are starting to shop directly through the platform itself.

Another interesting statistic is that 75% of people registering Pinterest accounts are from outside of the US and almost as many of them are men as women. “The number of men from around the world signing up for Pinterest has grown by 70% in the past year to account for 40% of global signups." marketingland.com

Jylian Russell, Hootsuite carried out some detailed research and came across a Millward Brown Study which stated ‘87% of Pinners have purchased something they’ve seen on Pinterest, while 93% plan to do so.’

Why your business or blog should have a Pinterest business account

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Currently, Pinners can only buy buyable Pins in the USA, however, Pinterest will enable shopping across the globe in time. The power of this platform is its ability to highlight products, brands, and services visually.

Diamond Candles above, has over 41k followers and the link goes direct to their website and browsers can buy direct.

Businesses are an essential part of the mix

Pinners don’t just browse, they are looking for inspiration, what’s trending or topical. They save, click and plan whatever they are searching for. Pinterest needs content so that this can happen, so businesses are an essential part of the mix.

Businesses pin images so that people can discover the specific brands, products, and services, they’re looking for. Which from my point of view should be a very enticing prospect for people or businesses trying to push up their website traffic.  Which in the end will lead to sales.

Why your business or blog should have a Pinterest business account
Why your business or blog should have a Pinterest business account

Photo Credit: Screen Shot pinterest.com

As you can see from the above, this service provider has 69.3k followers on Pinterest. It has been said in the past that Pinterest drives more traffic than YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn combined. computerhowtoguide.com

Why should businesses have a Pinterest business account

Showcase your products or services

Posting product images or Pins with specific text enables people to search and see your products or services at a glance. There’s also encouragement to click through to websites to take a more detailed look or save the Pin for a later date.

Businesses that specifically have products to sell can post inspirational and lifestyle images so that browsers can see straight away what they’re selling.

Tailor posts and mirror trends

Why your business or blog should have a Pinterest business account

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Visual information is stored from all different types of sources - individuals, businesses, bloggers, creators, or replicators. As a result, users are immediately shown Pins that other people are interested in. They get an immediate feed of what is popular. Businesses can establish what’s trending and tailor posts and photography to mirror trends within Pinterest.

The Benjamin Moore 2017 Pin has been Saved over 6k times.

Quick and easy sales

To convince someone to buy a product, it needs to be as simple as possible, Pinterest does this.

When a Pinner clicks on a Pin, it is hyperlinked to go directly to the original website source. If it’s an ecommerce website then the person can buy the product.

If it’s not, then having a call to action inviting the person to either contact the business by telephone or email is necessary. This makes for quick and easy sales.

Links create backlinks and improve SEO

As well as hyperlinks on the Pins there is always a link to the original source. This makes sure that all Pins give credit to the original artist, photographer, or company. Creating a lead for Pinners to find out where they can get the product or more detail from.

By creating a link every time an image is posted from a website, it sets up a series of backlinks. This helps site promotion. Search results are increased on search engines, which in turn increase hits to the website.

Seamless integration across social media platforms

Pinterest integrates seamlessly with social networking sites enabling replication of posts when Pinned on Pinterest.

This creates more posting content as it’s copied across alternative social media platforms. It also enables users to find brands more easily through Pinterest as well as through search engines.

I personally like to post manually across my social media platforms.  Admittedly this is quite time consuming, however I don’t like to use the automated apps to do this. I much prefer the personal approach so I get to know my followers and who interacts.

Get exposure beyond your followers

You will be exposed to Pinners beyond your followers and your image(s) could be ‘Saved’ to a Group Board which may expose you to new Pinners other than your own followers.

Residual traffic for months on end

One popular Pin can drive endless traffic to websites for months or years.

Pinterest Boards and Pins can be picked up by Google. So naming Boards or Pins with popular Google search phrases could get the Board in the first three top search results.

This also extends the life of your Pins indefinitely, while allowing people to access content and leading them to websites

Consistent Presence

What businesses need to do however, is to have a consistent presence on Pinterest.

Why your business or blog should have a Pinterest business account

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It’s not enough to put a few Boards on and then just leave them. They must be worked. Pins need to be Pinned daily, so a few minutes per day curating great content to share is valuable.

You must have Pinterest friendly images or they won’t get saved. A lot of Pinterest specialists and experts recommend a specific size for images to encourage traction. The Sahara Rose Pin is a Pin friendly Pin, as you'll see, it has been Saved over 12K times.

And if you sell products, it’s better to create the lifestyle which includes the product rather than just taking images of the product.

Take action now

If you have a business or blog and you’re not currently using Pinterest, create a Pinterest business account. Set up 20 boards that you know will be liked by your targeted audience and just get started.

When you’re up and running with a business account you have access to analytics to see how your Pins perform.  You'll also have the option of utilising Promoted or Rich Pins. You can set up awareness, engagement and traffic campaigns where you pay per impression, engagement action or click to your website. The opportunities for people to see are endless.

There’s also a promoted video option which can be paired with Pins related to the subject of the video.  And the trend for 2017 is video, indeed, live video will be the key differentiator in 2017.

Why use Pinterest

As HubSpot explained so perfectly, consumers have all the power. They can choose when, how and on what platform to interact and on what terms. Pinterest enables consumer freedom, users navigate Pinterest based on their interests. By being present you are taking back some of the control by giving potential and future customers a new platform to discover you on.

If you don't know how to set up a Pinterest business account, work your way through my posts Day 1-7 starting with Why you should convert to a Business Account – Triple your Pinterest Traffic – Day 1


I'm Heather Love and I'm the one researching and writing the posts on this blog. My ambition is to provide you with useful, straight-forward insights on how to benefit from using Pinterest on a personal basis or as a route to drive traffic to your website, so that you can sell more products and services online.

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