How to use OLD content to gain new Pinterest traffic – Triple your Pinterest Traffic – Day 7

Content is King

Day 7 of Melyssa’s Triple Your Traffic Challenge. How to use OLD content to gain new Pinterest traffic. What do I need to do?

This one takes everything I’ve learnt over the last 6 lessons full circle. Melyssa did a recap of what has been covered:

  • Setting up a Business account
  • Creating a killer Profile
  • Building Boards that attract the right people
  • Design powerful Pins that convert
  • How to attract the RIGHT people
  • Adding SEO to Pin descriptions

So I can tailor my brand on Pinterest, attract the right people to my profile and most of all get them to click through to my website. That’s when I put all of this into action, of course.

Now Melyssa is saying: “But how can you leverage all of that knowledge to see more traffic right NOW?

Take advantage of my OLD content to gain new traffic

“The answer? By taking advantage of my OLD blog posts.”

I don’t have that many as this is a new venture, however I do have a few that I can adapt to meet the above criteria, which I'll be doing this week.

If I’d been blogging for the past 12 months say, I would have quite a few posts on my website by now and this is what I would need to do if I had:

  1. Visit Google Analytics to find my top 5-10 blog posts that have received the most traffic in the past month. That’s if I’ve got Google Analytics set up. I have, however I would imagine that a number of bloggers don’t.
  2. Create new on-brand images, which I can do for all of my posts, based on the pin template I’ve created as part of this course.
  3. Add that image into my blog posts. Use the SEO advice I learnt during lesson 5 and write a killer description for the Pin.
  4. These can then be added to all of the relevant Boards on my Pinterest account.
Google Analytics

Consequently, after I’ve done all of this I should see new Pinterest traffic clicking through to my website. And this will most probably grow and grow over time as my Pins get more Repins.

Old news

The difference with Pinterest to other social media posts is that the content becomes more popular over time. Posts on Facebook and Twitter for example become ‘old news’ within 24 hours and aren’t Saved like the posts on Pinterest.

Finally, time will tell. I’ll keep you informed as to how it goes over the next few months.

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