How do I disable ‘Picked for you’ Pinterest Pins

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A subscriber has asked “What are these ‘Picked’ for you’ Pins I can see in my Pinterest Home Feed and can I get rid of them”? "How do I disable 'Picked for you' Pinterest Pins?" Read more to find out......

The Home Feed appears as soon as you log into Pinterest, delivering a collection of Pin’s from Pinners, Boards and Topics that you follow. Or Pins that you have pinned. You’ll also see Promoted Pins and Pins that Pinterest have ‘Picked for you’.

Your Pinterest Home Feed is a personal feed of Pins for you to explore and ‘Save’ from, to your heart’s content.

My Home Feed gets cluttered with ‘Picked for you’ Pins. Often I either don’t like the Pins or they’re duplicates as I’ve ‘Saved’ them already. However, I do ‘Save’ some of the suggestions very occasionally.

Picked for you Pins

‘Picked for you’ Pins are recommendations based on what you ‘Save’, who and which Boards you follow and what your Interests are.

How to disable ‘Picked for you’ Pinterest Pins

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I understand that lots of people love this feature and millions of Pins are saved each month as a result of these recommendations.

But, some Pinners dislike this facility immensely and don’t want to see suggestions or recommendations. Most of all they just want to see exactly the Pins they want to see. So, their Home Feed will only be filled with Pins ‘Saved’ by who and from whichever Boards they follow.

It seems like Pins from the People and Boards you follow get diluted by the plethora of recommendations and Promoted Pins. Hence they get lost and you don't see as many as anticipated from personally chosen topics.

So, if you don’t want to see ‘Picked for you Pins’ in your Home Feed, Pinterest has facilitated a way in which they can be removed. And it's very easy and simple to do.

Disable 'Picked for you Pins'

How to disable ‘Picked for you’ Pinterest Pins

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First of all, follow the steps below to disable ‘Picked for you’ Pins from your Home Feed on your desk or laptop:

  1. Hover over your Profile image and you’ll see a menu, click on Settings
  2. On the left hand side you will see another menu, select Home Feed
  3. Opposite the menu, on the right hand side you will see a heading called Home Feed, underneath this is a section called ‘Picked for you’
  4. Click on the empty toggle box adjacent to the ‘Yes’ to turn it off
How to disable ‘Picked for you’ Pinterest Pins

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That’s all you need to do, job done.

Steps to take on other devices

  1. ​Click on your Profile image
  2. Select the cog in the top right hand corner of the screen
  3. Choose edit settings and scroll down to Notifications
  4. Click on Push and at the end of the list de-activate ‘Stuff you might like’

It would be worthwhile looking through this list of options to see if you want to disable anything else you don’t want to be notified of as well.

If you do have a desk or laptop, then disable ‘Picked for you’ as outlined above on this.  It is the most efficient method to stop recommendations being published to your Home Feed.

Opting out of a specific Pin

Finally, if you don't want to totally disable the function you can opt out of certain Pin recommendations.  You can opt out from a Pin by hovering your mouse over the Pinner’s image/icon at the bottom of the Pin on your Home Feed of any ‘Picked for you’ Pin and:

  1. Click the ……. in the bottom, right hand corner, it's not that easy to see
  2. Select whichever suggestion you prefer - Unfollow, This does not belong, I'm not into this Pin, I'm not into Pins inspired by..........

This will thin out the topics that you've not directly expressed an interest in.

You can also ‘tweak’ your Home Feed whenever you like through your Profile page. You have the option to easily unfollow Topics, People and Boards you’ve lost interest in by going to your Profile.

Click on ‘Following’ and you will see three headings that you can click on to see who or what you would like to remove from your Home Feed.

I hope this has answered your question in enough detail for you Michael? If you need any further advice or support please don’t hesitate to ask.  Ping me an email or reply in the comments below.

What are your thoughts about ‘Picked for you’ Pins? It would be great to hear from you.

Please send me your questions using the ‘Ask Heather’ link.


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