How to give people what they want – Triple your Pinterest Traffic – Day 5

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I’m led to believe by Melyssa Griffin there's a key common mistake that she sees people making.  This is that they don’t explain clearly what the person will get out of reading their blog post or buying their product. Making the key benefit clear.

My goal is to support Personal as well as Business Pinners, whether they be novice or experienced and consequently they'll be wanting different hints, tips and hacks.

As a result, I need to segment my subscribers into personal and business, novice and experienced.  I can then deliver customised valuable content and the key benefit to each audience. Find out more.

When I’ve completed these 7 days I’ll be posting more novice and personal board blogs.

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I have a few subscribers who I don’t know and after checking in with them to see if they Pin for pleasure or business, they haven’t responded.

To be perfectly honest, Pinners who just have personal Boards may still find the business content of my blog interesting. However, I need to find ways to encourage feedback from my subscribers so that I can customise my content more accurately.

How can I help?

As Melyssa says “The people who are able to create magnetic brands with raving fans are often the ones that solve some kind of problem or help their audience in some way”.

So, whenever I'm considering a new blog post title, creating a new Pinterest image or researching and writing I should be able to answer these questions with ease:

What will my target audience get out of reading this? What’s the takeaway? It could be that:

  1. Pinners will learn how to clean up and organise their Pinterest Boards
  2. They discover how to design high-performing Pinterest images
  3. Finally people will know how to change their account to a Business one and understand the benefits of doing so

I agree, there has to be a CLEAR benefit when people click through to read my post. As a result content should be created that has a definite positive result for the reader. It is a GAME changer as far as Melyssa is concerned and yes, she is right.

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If people don’t understand exactly what they’ll learn or gain by clicking through to my site, they most probably won’t go there.

Therefore, I need to take a look at the titles of my blog posts and decide if their takeaway or key benefit is immediately clear. And if not, I need to come up with better titles that gives this more emphasis.


Melyssa suggests using one of these formulas:

  1. How to do/make/become
  2. 5 ways to........
  3. Why you should.......
  4. 7 steps to do.......
  5. 3 (blank) that will inspire you to (blank)

Each of the above focusses on letting the reader know what the benefit is of reading that particular blog post.  This is a very effective method of attracting the RIGHT people to my site.

My blog titles

  1. Introducing Master Pinterest Ads. Discover how to 'Harness the Power of Pinterest'. This works for me
  2. Why Pinterest, when there's so many other social platforms to choose from? This works for me
  3. Getting started with Pinterest. This works for me
  4. To 'Like' or not to 'Like' Pinterest Pins.  This works for me
  5. Triple your Pinterest Traffic - Day 1. I'm going to change this to 'Why you should convert to a Business account - Triple your Pinterest traffic - Day 1'
  6. Triple your Pinterest Traffic - Day 2. I'm going to change this to 'How to get the right people to your blog - Triple your Pinterest traffic - Day 2'
  7. Triple your Pinterest traffic - Day 3. I'm going to change this to 'Delete and Rename Boards - Triple your Pinterest Traffic - Day 3'
  8. Triple your Pinterest traffic - Day 4. I'm going to change this to 'How to design high-performing Pin images - Triple your Pinterest traffic - Day 4'

In conclusion, this advice was really helpful. It encouraged me to go back and look at my titles to see if the ‘takeaway’ or as I would call it the ‘benefit’ or hook was clear. And in some instances it wasn’t, hence I’ve changed them.

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I'm Heather Love and I'm the one researching and writing the posts on this blog. My ambition is to provide you with useful, straight-forward insights on how to benefit from using Pinterest on a personal basis or as a route to drive traffic to your website, so that you can sell more products and services online.

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