How to get the right people to your blog – Triple your Pinterest Traffic – Day 2

Triple your Pinterest followers

Today is about getting the RIGHT people to my blog. It’s all about getting people to see my content and this all starts with my Pinterest Profile.

Melyssa starts off by pointing out when Pinners love your Pins and see one in their feed, they may look at who Pinned it and think you will have loads of valuable content. So inevitably they take a look at your Home Page.

This challenge is designed for entrepreneurs, bloggers and business owners. However, if you only use Pinterest for personal reasons, you will still find a few interesting snippets to get a better understanding of what Pinterest is all about and find out more about my journey.

Pinterest Profile

If your Profile doesn’t say anything about what you do, you have erratic boards and don’t appear to have a common link, they’ll automatically leave your Home Page and go back to their feed.

One key thing that Melyssa points out, is about your Profile image, that there should be a good quality photograph of your face, that shows your face.

This made me smile. Currently my Profile biography is ‘I Live, Love and Laugh!!! And my image is of an apple on a chair in my garden. I love this image…. However, it doesn’t give my prospective followers someone to fall in love with and want to follow, so I’m told.

Pinned for the love of Pinning

Now, this is more about me getting subscribers to my blog currently as in the past I’ve Pinned for the ‘Love of Pinning’, as I do have 10,500 followers. So I must be doing something right. People like my Pins and style. Which as far as I’m concerned is a great start.

I just hope that when I put my picture up there they don’t all start unfollowing!!!! We’ll see.

As Melyssa mentions in her email, there are HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS of people viewing our profiles regularly, so the first impression is imperative, critical in fact.

Three Key Things

​Add key words to your name

What are you known for? What do you teach, share, do, or sell? Add 1-2 keywords after your name on Pinterest in order to make your profile more SEARCHABLE.

Melyssa has ‘Entrepreneur + Blogging Tips’ after her name. I’m going to go for ‘Pinterest Hints, Tips and Hacks’. I couldn’t get this to work initially and realised it was being rejected as I’d got Pinterest as a keyword so I changed it to ‘Pinning’ and it worked.

Write a brief biography explaining what you do, how you help people and where they can get more from you

Craft a profile that answers your audience’s questions.

Melyssa’s biography is “I help entrepreneurs + bloggers grow their audience + income.” I’m going for “I blog about all things Pinterest, sharing insights on what works and what doesn't.”

Pinterest profile screen shot

Photo Credit: Screen shot

Then give them a ‘Call to Action’, which links to your website, if you have one, naturally if you’re just Pinning for personal reasons you won’t, as well as a place where they can subscribe directly to your email list.

I did this, however I wasted quite a lot of time as this link isn’t live, Pinners cannot click on the link “Subscribe to my blog” automatically to go to that particular page.

From my point of view, as it’s a copy and paste job, it will deter people from doing this.  So I can't see the point, however I may be wrong.

Sharmilla Dewkinandan

What was great though, I came across a fellow Pinner, a fantastic lady called Sharmila Dewkinandan, from Holland. She was trying to get to the bottom of my issues with me after I posted a help message in Melyssa’s Facebook group.

We had a great laugh, she is beautiful. Stunning. New to Pinterest. We communicated through Messenger. Sharmila has a Spirituality Blog, Tips and Tools for a Spiritual Lifestyle.

Great website, that she is changing currently, most of the content is in Dutch and she is changing it to English. However, the posts are in English already.

Liz Ayling

Liz also tried to help with the opt-in link issue, which was great.  Such fabulous support.  Liz's niche is Natural Skincare and Wellness.  She is from Malta.  Again a great website.

I did laugh, here am I providing Hints, Tips and Hacks for Pinterest and I can’t even get my own Profile sorted. Learnt a few lessons today.

An on-brand friendly photo of your face

Profile shot of Heather Love

You need to make a connection with your audience and I’m sure not going to do this by having an apple on a chair in my garden, now am I? So that’s got to be changed straight away. Hope you like it!

And that’s it for today’s lesson. Job done.

Tomorrow we’re going to be talking about the biggest mistake I’ve been making with my Pinterest Boards and why it’s costing me heaps of traffic and followers.

PS – I still haven’t had my website confirmed by Pinterest, so there’s an issue there. I’m currently waiting for Bluehost Live Chat to see if they can get to the bottom of it. Not an easy job for me. And unfortunately, I don’t think the Bluehost agent on ‘Live Chat’ can understand what I’m trying to do so this may be a dead end and I’ll have to find an alternative route to get this verification process sorted.

Onwards and upwards.

Pinfinite Growth

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I'm Heather Love and I'm the one researching and writing the posts on this blog. My ambition is to provide you with useful, straight-forward insights on how to benefit from using Pinterest on a personal basis or as a route to drive traffic to your website, so that you can sell more products and services online.

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