“How do I follow and unfollow Pinterest Pinners and Boards?”

How to rearrange, move, copy, or delete Pinterest Pins

One of my Pinterest beginner subscribers has sent me a question:


“How do I follow and unfollow Pinterest Pinners and Boards?”


How do I follow and unfollow Pinterest Pinners and Boards? What a great question.

Pinterest is different to Facebook or LinkedIn for example, because you have to send a friend request before you can access their account.

Pinterest Pinners and Boards are 100% public and as a result you can follow people you don’t know; you don’t have to send requests to ask permission.

Pinterest Pin Image

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First of all, to follow a Pinner, you can either click on the name, Board or Pin. When you see a Pin that you like, at the bottom of the Pin there will either be a Profile image (this could just be a Pinterest Pin icon), name of the person who has Pinned it, the name of a Board or a Picked for you comment.

Click on that image, name, Board or comment and it will take you to the specific Board the Pin is from.


Towards the top right hand corner there is a red ‘Follow’ button. This is a ‘Follow’ button for this particular board. If you like what’s Pinned on the Board and you would like to ‘Follow’ it, then click on the button and it will turn into a grey ‘Unfollow Board’ button and you'll be following that Board.


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You may want to explore more of that Pinner’s Boards, if you do, click on the round profile image which is positioned directly underneath the ‘Follow’ button and this will take you to that Pinner’s profile page. Here you can access and scroll through all of that person’s Boards.


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Follow all or a few of the Pinner’s Boards

Now you have a choice. You may want to follow the Pinner, which is great. Click on the ‘Follow’ button on the Pinner’s Profile page. You will then be following all of that person’s Boards. You can, however, unfollow individual Boards if they’re not to your taste, so you can pick and choose.

Just scroll through and click the ‘Unfollow’ button positioned either at the top or bottom of the Board, depending on which device you’re using, and you’ll automatically unfollow that Board.


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Another way to find Pinners to follow

You could also select a Pinner through your Profile (Home) Page. If you’re aware that a person you want to ‘Follow’ is following you, click on your image which will take you to your Profile (Home) page and click on Followers and scroll and search for the person through that method. When you’ve found the Pinner you’re looking for then click on the ‘Follow’ button.

Finally, you could also 'Search' for a particular Pinner in the Search Bar at the top of your screen.  You'll maybe find the person listed here under 'People'.


If you’ve clicked into a Pin, you’ll also see where the Pin was Pinned from, who has Pinned that Pin and which Board they’ve Pinned it to underneath the image. As a result, you have a number of choices.


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  • ​Follow the original source if the image has been Pinned from a Pinner on Pinterest
  • You can take a look at the person’s profile who has Pinned it
  • Take a look at the Board the Pinner has ‘Saved’ it to, or
  • Just 'Save' it

Home feed

When you start following people their latest Pins will be displayed in your home feed. This is how you fill up your home feed with Pins you will most probably find of interest and want to ‘Save’.

Easy to unfollow

If, in time, you find that the Board isn’t really to your taste and you’re not interested in the Pins, then all you need to do is click on the ‘Unfollow’ button and you’ll automatically stop following that Board.

I do this quite often as I don’t want my home feed to be inundated with irrelevant Pins. I quite often love some of a Pinner’s Boards but I’m not necessarily into others, so I just unfollow those that aren’t to my taste.

You may want to stop receiving the Pinner’s Pins altogether, so all you need to do is click on their Profile image to go to their Profile (Home) page and ‘Unfollow’ them completely.

I think that covers all of the options, if you use alternative methods please share and let me know.

Please keep these questions coming, it’s great to have interaction and to be able to help and guide you through the intricacies of Pinterest.

Pinterest’s Help Centre is great for useful help topics and articles https://help.pinterest.com


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