How to design high-performing Pin images – Triple your Pinterest Traffic – Day 4

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Today’s blog is about ‘How to design high-performing Pin images’.  Read on to find out more.

How to design high-performing Pin images

This is going to be interesting, creativity is definitely not my thing. And as Pinterest is all about IMAGES, I’ve got to get my act together if I want my posts shared across the platform so that I can increase the subscribers to my blog.  I've always been in a position to pay for design work in the past.  Now, it's down to me.

I'm aware that this challenge is more for the blogging and business community.  When I’ve completed these 7 days I’ll be posting more novice and personal board blogs, I promise.

Search Engine

Melyssa points out that Pinterest is a Search Engine and the difference between Pinterest and Google is that Google uses words and Pinterest relies more on beautiful images. So if I want to succeed on Pinterest, I’ve got to have great images. She tells me that this IS totally doable, even if I have zero design experience. We’ll see about that.

To create killer images, I need to include the following five things:

Make them vertical

Everyone in the know sings from the same hymn sheet. Images on Pinterest should be vertical as they stand out more. Horizontal images have less space in the feed so it’s easier to miss them. I personally don’t miss any and I’m quite happy to Pin horizontal and square images. However, I am going to follow this advice for my blog. Melyssa recommends creating images roughly 800 x 1200 pixels.

Big, enticing headlines that emphasise the TAKEAWAY

As far as Melyssa is concerned, this one is HUGELY important as my target audience is much more likely to click on a Pin that has an obvious and positive outcome.

I should include a headline/title on the Pinterest image in big and easy to read text, which clearly spells out what my target audience will gain by clicking through and reading the rest of my blog.

Melyssa has a Pin that has been re-Pinned 7,800 times, the title for this Pin was ’15 Effective Ways to Get More Clients’ (And Keep Them Coming!).

This worked because the VALUE is clearly spelled out for her audience. Straight to the point and people know exactly what they'll gain by clicking through and reading the rest of the article

On-brand, consistent fonts and colours

One of the most important pieces of advice Melyssa can give someone who wants to create a standout brand online, is to be consistent.

This is the advice I have always given across all marketing and communication activity, not just online. As a brand specialist, I’m 100% on message and listening. Consistent look, feel, tone of voice, personality, colours and fonts are a must.

Melyssa’s advice is to choose 2-3 fonts and 3-5 colours that I’ll use on everything.

Get people curious about my images and then convert them once they're on my website.  Job done!

Small website link

To add a little extra splash of branding, put my website link at the bottom of the Pin image. Again, throughout my consultancy career the advice was to make sure that website URLs were printed on everything, professionally. But don’t go crazy! SMALL! Keep it small so that it builds my brand, but doesn’t take away from the core message.

Mention my freebie, or content upgrade, if I have one

This is what I’m hoping for. Pinterest is an INCREDIBLE place to grow my email list. In one year, Melyssa went from 2,000 email subscribers, on a very stagnantly growing list, to about 35,000 subscribers without advertising. This was largely because she was able to get people to visit her site and subscribe from Pinterest. Yes, please!!!!

How To Clean Up Your Pinterest Boards

So, if I offer anything free in exchange for an email address, then I should mention this on my Pinterest graphic and a small image of it too!

Now it’s time to put the above into practice and create my own Pinterest image template for today’s homework.

One Pinterest-ready image, save it as an editable file and then I can reuse the same image, with different text and graphics for all my pieces of content that I create in the future.

Melyssa and a lot of other bloggers recommend using Canva, which offers a lot of easy-to-use and customise templates which are perfect for Pinterest.

I’ve had a little play with Canva already and it is quite intuitive and easy to use, and to begin with I’m going to keep it really simple. All I need to do is select the appropriate template, add fonts, text, colours and images.

What do you think of this?  Is it too simple?  Would it catch your eye?  Would love your feedback in the Comment Box below.

Wy Pinterest? What is Pinterest?

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