Why you should Delete and Rename Boards – Triple your Pinterest Traffic – Day 3

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Deleting and Renaming Pinterest Boards

The message and guidance from Melyssa Griffin today is “How to create Pinterest Boards to attract the right people, keep them around and allow my brand and audience to thrive”.  This involves deleting and renaming my Pinterest Boards

Even if I don’t have a blog, I need to think of my Pinterest account as a blog. Blogs are broken down into categories, subjects that are discussed on a regular basis, which are all tied into whatever the blog or web site is about.

My Boards are my categories on Pinterest.  Let's find out more.

This challenge is designed for entrepreneurs, bloggers and business owners. However, if you only use Pinterest for personal reasons, you will still find a few interesting snippets to get a better understanding of what Pinterest is all about and find out more about my journey.

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Melyssa is saying that if my blog is about Healthy Eating for example, would I have a category for “Wanderlust”? No. Why not? Healthy Eating in Greece springs to mind?

If my business is about graphic design, would I send meal plans to my clients? Naturally, I wouldn’t.

One Focussed Category

So what I should be doing is sticking to one, focussed category, such as I’m doing with masterpinterestads, because it will attract my ideal audience. And, Melyssa is saying that it’s time to apply this same principle to my Pinterest account.

All of my boards should be something that my ideal reader or customer would be interested in and searching for.

By doing this I’ll attract the RIGHT people to my Pinterest account and give them plenty of content to keep them around and eventually clicking over to my site. And yes, I really do want people to click over to my site.

Delete or Rename Pinterest Boards

“Go through your Pinterest account and either DELETE or RENAME your Pinterest Boards so that all of your public Boards attract the right people.”

I’m afraid that I’m not going to be as compliant as I should be today. We’ll see if it makes a huge difference, however, I have no intention of deleting or renaming any of my Boards (well I may rename a few), so that all of my Boards attract the right people.

Let me say that again.  Delete my personal Boards?! No way! I don’t want to delete any of my Boards or make them secret.

Years, it’s taken me a couple of years to Pin my Pins and get 11,000 followers. When I create my blog Pins of my posts, I’ll set up a Board(s) for these and naturally have them placed at the top of my Profile Page, so that they are convenient for my Pinterest Blog audience. Other than that. Not listening! This is maybe why I didn’t do too well at school.

I suppose my blog is a little different as it’s about Pinterest and anyone who is passionate about Pinterest and shows an interest in my Boards, may have an interest in my blog.

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Personal Boards

Personal Boards give people an insight about who I am, what style I have, what I like, what I enjoy etc.  I don't consider myself a 'Pink' person, I Pin a lot of 'Pink'. 

These Boards give followers a little bit of background about me, a sense of who I am. This may or may not inspire them to find out more and engage by subscribing to my blog. However.

When you delete a Board you delete the followers you have who only follow that Board. Melyssa points out that yes, I may lose some followers, but they probably weren’t people who would be interested in this brand new topic anyway.

And by focusing my Boards on relevant topics, I’ll be attracting HEAPS more of the right people.

As my topic is Pinterest, I don’t agree. We’ll see. I’ll create a masterpinterestads Board and place all of my newly created post Pins on this. I’ll also place them on my other Boards, so that followers who only follow that particular Board see them too. It’ll be interesting to see where I get subscribers from as I’ll try to monitor subscriptions, by having different images and links, where the interest comes from if I can.

That’ll be interesting to explore.

Pinfinite Growth

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