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Have you discovered how to use Pinterest’s Visual Search Tool?

How to use Pinterest's Visual Search Tool

This Visual Search Tool is a useful way to find exactly what you’re looking for on Pinterest. It’s been available for some time now; however, I’ve only recently come across it. Have you come across it before or is this something new to you too? I was wondering what the icon in the top right hand corner of Pins was for!

If you’re looking for home décor inspiration for example and you see a vase in a Pin, do you ever think to yourself where you could get one from? If you do, then this is the tool and blog for you. Read on......

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Does following fellow Pinners on Pinterest increase Followers?

Does following fellow Pinners on Pinterest increase followers?

There’s not a lot of up-to-date advice or information available about whether or not following Pinners on Pinterest increases followers. Well, I couldn’t find any recent posts about the ‘Following’ strategy. There’s a lot of outdated and incorrect information out there, which can be quite confusing.

What do you think? Does the number of Pinners you follow influence the number following you?

If my stats are anything to go by then no, not really. However, does it really matter how many followers you have? We’ll see.

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To ‘Like’ or not to ‘Like’ Pinterest Pins?

This is for my step daughter, Rebecca, who joined me on Pinterest some time ago. She called me up and asked: “What is the point of ‘Liking’ Pins ‘H’? Could you do a blog on that please? As I haven’t got a clue and never do.”

So, here I am. I did some exploratory work across the net and within Pinterest itself and there isn’t a lot of information about this conundrum. However, I have managed to get some useful reasoning behind why one should ‘Like’ before saving that Pin from a couple of blogs, which are quite old, however relevant.  This is what I found..........

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