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Getting started with Pinterest

Getting started with Pinterest

A number of people ask me “What’s this Pinterest all about and how do I get started?  Where on earth do I start?”  This blog is all about getting started with Pinterest.

There are still quite a few people who aren’t on Pinterest as yet.  Some of you have signed up for accounts but are not sure about what to do and some have even deactivated accounts, I can't understand why?

It’s quite simple really.  Pinterest is very intuitive.  Searching for images, boards and pinners is a doddle.  And once you get started, you’ll wonder why you hadn’t taken the plunge before.

So, as a number of friends and acquaintances have asked me, my next blog had to be about setting up a Pinterest account and how to start setting up boards and pinning images.

Come on.  Get your Pinterest account set up.  Continue.

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