Does following fellow Pinners on Pinterest increase Followers?

Does following fellow Pinners on Pinterest increase followers?

There’s not a lot of up-to-date advice or information available about whether or not following Pinners on Pinterest increases followers. Well, I couldn’t find any recent posts about the ‘Following’ strategy. There’s a lot of outdated and incorrect information out there, which can be quite confusing.

What do you think? Does the number of Pinners you follow influence the number following you?

If my stats are anything to go by then no, not really. However, does it really matter how many followers you have? We’ll see.

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3 key steps to improve Pinterest SEO – Triple your Pinterest Traffic – Day 6

Pinterest SEO

Pinterest Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is quite key if I want people to find my content on line.

It’s a jungle out there

There is so much noise and competition online these days, it is a jungle out there. Hence my SEO has to be spot on if people are to find me. SEO is one of the main reasons we get faced with loads of results when we type what we’re looking for into Google.

Bang on

Naturally, as Pinterest is also a search engine, SEO is critical for this platform too. So this advice is bang on.

As Melyssa says: “Simply put, adding SEO to your blog posts, products, etc. can mean the difference between people finding your content and not finding it.”

I have to use Pinterest SEO, because I want to grow my account and get more traffic to my website.  Let's find out more.

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How to give people what they want – Triple your Pinterest Traffic – Day 5

Pinterest head cameo

I’m led to believe by Melyssa Griffin there's a key common mistake that she sees people making.  This is that they don’t explain clearly what the person will get out of reading their blog post or buying their product. Making the key benefit clear.

My goal is to support Personal as well as Business Pinners, whether they be novice or experienced and consequently they'll be wanting different hints, tips and hacks.

As a result, I need to segment my subscribers into personal and business, novice and experienced.  I can then deliver customised valuable content and the key benefit to each audience. Find out more.

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Ask a Question, Get an Answer

How to rearrange, move, copy, or delete Pinterest Pins

I’ve had a question and an observation from one on my subscribers:


“Although I created an account years ago, I do not use it.

“Am I right in thinking that some people use it as a search engine portal into the net? As a way of finding things and cataloguing them so they can find them again later? Is that what it's all about?

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