3 key steps to improve Pinterest SEO – Triple your Pinterest Traffic – Day 6

Pinterest SEO

Pinterest Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is quite key if I want people to find my content on line.

It’s a jungle out there

There is so much noise and competition online these days, it is a jungle out there. Hence my SEO has to be spot on if people are to find me. SEO is one of the main reasons we get faced with loads of results when we type what we’re looking for into Google.

Bang on

Naturally, as Pinterest is also a search engine, SEO is critical for this platform too. So this advice is bang on.

As Melyssa says: “Simply put, adding SEO to your blog posts, products, etc. can mean the difference between people finding your content and not finding it.”

I have to use Pinterest SEO, because I want to grow my account and get more traffic to my website.  Let's find out more.

SEO success is as a result of using relevant ‘keywords’ that a person would type into the Pinterest search box in order to find what they’re looking for.

Pinterest Pin description

Most of all every Pin that leads to my content or product must have a detailed description. The description box should never be left empty and the way in which this is written is key too.

Follow these 3 steps to improve your Pinterest SEO:

First, make it conversational

Melyssa makes a point, that Pinterest isn’t a textbook. People are looking for fun, personable descriptions that draw them into the content.

Second, weave several keywords into your description

These keywords are words or phrases someone would likely be searching for on Pinterest in order to find the Pin.

Third, add a call to action at the end

This can either be a comment saying something like ‘Click through to read the full post’, ‘Click through to subscribe to my blog’ or ‘Repin this image to save this Pin for later’.

Read one of Melyssa’s descriptions that she used on one of her Pins, which encompasses each tip:

“Are you a blogger or infopreneur who wants to launch her first digital product? This tutorial includes exactly what to put in your sales page AND how to price your product (with specific prices examples!). Click through to read the whole post and download the free checklist!”

This is conversational and includes a call to action at the end to read the post and download a free checklist. Hence this covers the three key steps to improve Pinterest SEO.

You may be thinking what’s the point of doing this? If we don’t add keyword-rich descriptions to Pins, then how will people find them? Bottom line is, is they won’t.


SEO plays a huge role on Pinterest and this is why Melyssa has been encouraging me to weave it through this challenge. As a result I’ve added keywords to my profile biography and name. I’ve created Boards that my target audience is searching for. And now I’m about to develop clear descriptions to attract the right people to my Pins.

Melyssa tells me when we do all of this, MORE people will most probably find my content on Pinterest. They will follow me. Visit my website. Subscribe to my email list. Buy my products. And help me build a strong foundation for a successful blog and online business.

We’ll see how it goes. When I’ve got all of my images and descriptions sorted and loaded onto Pinterest, I’ll monitor how quickly the above comes to fruition.

I agree with Melyssa, when she tells me that the neat thing about Pinterest is that it’s EASY to master and saves tons of time, however most people are just using it the wrong way.

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I'm Heather Love and I'm the one researching and writing the posts on this blog. My ambition is to provide you with useful, straight-forward insights on how to benefit from using Pinterest on a personal basis or as a route to drive traffic to your website, so that you can sell more products and services online.

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