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Ask a Question, Get an Answer

How to rearrange, move, copy, or delete Pinterest Pins

I’ve had a question and an observation from one on my subscribers:


“Although I created an account years ago, I do not use it.

“Am I right in thinking that some people use it as a search engine portal into the net? As a way of finding things and cataloguing them so they can find them again later? Is that what it's all about?

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Why you should Delete and Rename Boards – Triple your Pinterest Traffic – Day 3

Pinterest scrabble image

Deleting and Renaming Pinterest Boards

The message and guidance from Melyssa Griffin today is “How to create Pinterest Boards to attract the right people, keep them around and allow my brand and audience to thrive”.  This involves deleting and renaming my Pinterest Boards

Even if I don’t have a blog, I need to think of my Pinterest account as a blog. Blogs are broken down into categories, subjects that are discussed on a regular basis, which are all tied into whatever the blog or web site is about.

My Boards are my categories on Pinterest.  Let's find out more.

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How to get the right people to your blog – Triple your Pinterest Traffic – Day 2

Triple your Pinterest followers

Today is about getting the RIGHT people to my blog. It’s all about getting people to see my content and this all starts with my Pinterest Profile.

Melyssa starts off by pointing out when Pinners love your Pins and see one in their feed, they may look at who Pinned it and think you will have loads of valuable content. So inevitably they take a look at your Home Page.

This challenge is designed for entrepreneurs, bloggers and business owners. However, if you only use Pinterest for personal reasons, you will still find a few interesting snippets to get a better understanding of what Pinterest is all about and find out more about my journey.

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Why you should convert to a Business Account – Triple your Pinterest Traffic – Day 1

Social Media

As part of my blogging and Pinterest journey I came across Melyssa Griffin, formerly the Nectar Collective.  I am really impressed with what Melyssa has achieved as an internet entrepreneur.  This is why I'm interested in her Triple Your Traffic Challenge.

On Melyssa’s website,, her Unique Selling Proposition (USP) is ‘Grow Your Audience and Monetize Your Passion’. There’s an opt-in box under a paragraph saying “Join over 75,000 others and get access to my library of free resources for online entrepreneurs.”

I didn’t hesitate, I subscribed there and then. I haven’t been able to access the library of free resources as yet, this is something I need to sort out.

This challenge is designed for entrepreneurs, bloggers and business owners.  However, if you only use Pinterest for personal reasons, you will still find a few interesting snippets to get a better understanding of what Pinterest is all about and find out more about my journey. 

Please note there are affiliate links in this post.  Let's find out more about the Free e-course.

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To ‘Like’ or not to ‘Like’ Pinterest Pins?

This is for my step daughter, Rebecca, who joined me on Pinterest some time ago. She called me up and asked: “What is the point of ‘Liking’ Pins ‘H’? Could you do a blog on that please? As I haven’t got a clue and never do.”

So, here I am. I did some exploratory work across the net and within Pinterest itself and there isn’t a lot of information about this conundrum. However, I have managed to get some useful reasoning behind why one should ‘Like’ before saving that Pin from a couple of blogs, which are quite old, however relevant.  This is what I found..........

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Getting started with Pinterest

Getting started with Pinterest

A number of people ask me “What’s this Pinterest all about and how do I get started?  Where on earth do I start?”  This blog is all about getting started with Pinterest.

There are still quite a few people who aren’t on Pinterest as yet.  Some of you have signed up for accounts but are not sure about what to do and some have even deactivated accounts, I can't understand why?

It’s quite simple really.  Pinterest is very intuitive.  Searching for images, boards and pinners is a doddle.  And once you get started, you’ll wonder why you hadn’t taken the plunge before.

So, as a number of friends and acquaintances have asked me, my next blog had to be about setting up a Pinterest account and how to start setting up boards and pinning images.

Come on.  Get your Pinterest account set up.  Continue.

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