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A blog about Pinterest.  Let's see what works.

Here, we will simplify Pinterest and discover how it all works.  I will share hints, tips and hacks and you'll find out, where, when and how to Pin.  I'll be experimenting and researching on your behalf.  Sharing what works and what doesn't so you know exactly what you need to do to get more followers and re-Pins.

I have 90 Boards, 74,000 Pins and 10,500 Followers and that's without a strategic plan!

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About me

I'm Heather Love, half-Scottish and half-English, based in the UK.  After being a bit of a rebel at school and not achieving much, I came to my senses and have spent the past 30 years mastering and delivering strategic and tactical Marketing and Communication, 14 of which as a freelance advisor. 

I got, one of my greatest personal achievements, an MBA back in the year 2000 after a lot of focussed hard work, perseverance, determination, tenacity, sacrifice and most of all action and a love of what I do.  I am a qualified counsellor and executive coach.  

Love organic espresso coffee, healthy and nutritious food, fine red wine and visiting new places on a regular basis.  I meditate, run, enjoy yoga, journal, love cooking and live my life to the full.  You can read my full story here.